Saturday, December 29, 2007

Most Famous Celebrity Stars on The Internet

Over the years there has been many celebrity stars via the Internet. However the one star that happens to stand out the most these days are, happens to be the one and only Dr. Chris Mentillo from

Why This Celebrity Star?

Dr. Chris Mentillo first captured the Internets attention while being posted on his website page. His website page there was filled with famous royalty celebs along with many additional famous actors, especially Paris Hilton. His many rumors about this star had earned him some 45 million hits in only several months. This unbelievable feat on it's own earned him an important spot in the Internet spot light in his own right.

Regardless of his fame from he undoubtedly had no choice but to delete his website. Rumors have it that this was because at the time, Chris had numerous death threats, along with a breach of privacy; such as people trying to steal his identity, etc. He even had beautiful women show up at his front door step in Boston Massachusetts which added to the already conflict with his wife being mad at him because of his love letter he sent to Paris Hilton on-line. So his wife said, its either me or The Doc chose his wife. What a guy. Here is an additional link on Paris Hilton and Dr. Chris Mentilo;

Additionally, Dr. Chris Mentillo is dubbed, "The Most Famous Media Personality on The Internet." Furthermore he has been included in the who's who Internet Personality records as being numero uno #1 spot on "The Top 10 Most Famous Internet Stars.". Here is another link to reference this title;

So Who Is Dr. Chris Mentillo & What Does He Do Now?

A Picture of Dr. Chris Mentillo in Aruba

Here is a short bio, taken from his website and published articles from http://www/ Just go to the website and do a search on "Dr. Chris Mentillo" to read his published articles.

Dubbed "The Most Famous Media Personality on The Internet," successful Author and entrepreneur, Dr Chris Mentillo is founder, owner, writer, and producer of over 1000 Internet Media Production Companies. Dr Chris Mentillo's new goal is to own, develop, write, and produce over one or more Website Internet Companies per day, totaling an impressive 365 websites within 365 days of the year. Dr. Mentillo's overall dream is to complete more than 1 million Internet websites, eventually creating and linking to millions of Internet connections throughout the world. To date, Dr. Chris Mentillo's website has reportedly received over 45 Million hits. As a result of this alone, it has made Dr. Chris Mentillo an Internet celebrity in his own right.

In addition, Dr. Mentillo is a renown success coach and spiritual adviser to the rich, members of royal families, Hollywood celebrity stars, famous political and business leaders, and the poor.

As an ordained minister he has taught thousands of individuals-all around the world, how to live life more abundantly by consulting them first to seek God as their guide, provider, protector, and as their spiritual adviser.

Through his website, (, Dr. Chris Mentillo supports numerous ministries, churches, non profit organizations, the poor, the elderly, children in need, cancer victims, cancer research, alternative medicines research, substance abuse programs, the homeless, the physical ill, and many other charity projects here in the USA and abroad.

You can find out more about Dr. Chris Mentillo by visiting his website at

Chris Mentillo, Ph.D., D.D., M.D. (Alternative Medicines) currently lives with his wife, Gloria in Boston Massachusetts.

As an Author, Dr. Mentillo just finished writing his first published book. The book's title is called "INFINITE ABUNDANCE." He has also reportedly written several other books called, "The Adventures of Little Eugene." -(a children's self-help book), and "Spiritual Wealth." He has already finished another book that is ready for publication. i'm not sure what the name of the title is. Maybe it's"How to Become Famous on The Internet."

You can check out his books at
and his non-profit 501(c) 3 Healing Ministry at

Here is some more photos of Dr. Chris

This is a picture of Chris Mentillo on the front cover of a popular New England Entertainment Magazine called "Point." You can check out their website at

Here is a picture of Chris Mentillo's house. I don't know if he still owns it today, but we found his name attached to this Beverly Hills Address linked to this mansion.

Here is a picture of Dr. Chris Mentillo Driving around in a Red 2006 Porsche convertible and was once an owner of a Rolls Royce!

Here is a photo of Dr.Chris Mentillo living an abundant life outside his Aruba Resort that he currently owns.

Here is a photo of one of Dr. Chris Mentillo's Islands. He owns 3 islands, not including his Aruba resort that he owns. Dr. Mentillo and his wife take up to 12 exotic vacations a year.

If you would like to find out more about this Internet Celebrity, you can go straight to his main Internet website at Or you can google the DOC at;